Why Did I Eat That? (WDIET) is a wellness site. Here, you will find inspirational stories, news, KalaLea’s favorite things and educational resources. Our goal is to improve the well-being of anyone who eats — especially busy creative professionals.

Making informed decisions about what we choose to eat can be empowering and life altering. The results for KalaLea have been positive growth, improved health and deeper relationships. But it’s a constant struggle and having support is critical. Hopefully you will find information here that will positively contribute to your health goals.

The WDIET food philosophy simply put is: Eat whatever you wish, in moderation, with some knowledge of where your food comes from and how your body reacts to what you feed it. Thank you for being here.

About Kalalea

KalaLea’s professional endeavors have spanned photography, health coaching, reiki and multimedia journalism. And as a former Hatha yoga teacher and restaurant owner, her enduring passion for food has led to a fascination with our relationships with it.

Currently, KalaLea is a fellow at the Tow-Knight Entrepreneurial Journalism program, a fifteen-week media business incubator in New York City. She is also working on a WDIET podcast plus a memoir and self-help book also titled Why Did I Eat That? which maps her 20-year focused relationship with food. It’s full of personal anecdotes, illustrations, and recipes.

KalaLea’s goal is to inspire others to practice awareness and mindfulness in every day life.

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Recent Posts

Kitchari – One Pot Wonder

Spring has sprung. Time to detox and dedicate time for your body to recharge and renew. One of my favorite detoxifying meals seems akin to the chartreuse leaves that are bursting forth from branches to herald spring’s glory. Kitchari is an Ayurvedic porridge made simply with mung dal and rice.…

the skin i live in

Vanity is a greedy monster. It will drive you to spend money you don't have in order to look or feel good. I just received $89 worth of natural products because my eczema is back. In 2014, less than one year after returning to New York from Brazil I began to develop…

life of spice

There was a time when spices were one of the most valuable and traded commodities in the world. As far back as 3500 B.C. Egyptians used multiple spices when preparing fish, game or grains. Spices were also used for healing various ailments and illnesses. For example the paste of coriander seeds was…

question everything

Greetings Folks! First, VERY sorry about sending 2 messages today.  Also, there was problem with last week's post link so if you had trouble accessing it, it can be found here: http://wdiet.net/2017/01/words-are-powerful How are you feeling? I mean it, stop for a second and check in with yourself. How are you…