The WDIET philosophy simply put is: Eat whatever you wish, in extreme moderation, with some knowledge of where your food comes from and how your body reacts to what you feed it. We are magnificent beings and deserve the best! The best type of food for the body and spirit are fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, sea algae, and seeds. Processed and genetically engineered foods are foreign to the body and should be avoided.

Smile often and drink plenty of water! It makes all of the difference in how one feels each day.

About Kalalea

KalaLea’s professional endeavors have spanned interactive production, copywriting, photography, yoga instruction and reiki offerings. And as a former health coach and restaurant owner, her enduring passion for food has led to a fascination with our relationships with it.

New York City has been KalaLea’s home for nearly sixteen years, though she’s also traveled Europe, Japan, West Africa, the Caribbean, Australia, and Brazil on a personal quest to observe how other cultures relate to one another via
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WDIET KalaLea Nature Photo

herpes and tattoos

When I was fifteen or so, one of my closest friends got crabs (pubic lice) by wearing the jeans of another one of our friends. I wasn't familiar with crabs so I asked my friend to describe what it looked and felt like while doing my best to sound normal. She…


Saraghina Bakery – Bed Stuy BK

Bed Stuy has many stories ... some tragic yet most are positively noteworthy. Once or twice a week, I engage in lengthy walkabout sessions to strengthen my sense of belonging in my relatively new neighborhood, Bedford-Stuyvesant. Greeting the lively residents who could no doubt traverse these streets blindfolded, I am aware that…


Chia Seed Pudding

On Saturday, September 13, 2014, I participated in GrowNYC's Fresh Food Box Program by offering a cooking demo while serving chia seed pudding with stewed apples and plums. Although the weather was grey, we had a great day. It's an awesome program that unlike Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), you do…


hugs = money

Two weeks ago, I was inspired by the story of two Canadian roommates who decided NOT to spend money for one year. Together they saved more than 55,000 US dollars. This intrigued me because I believe that in New York City, one cannot walk out the door without dropping $20…