mission #1: relationship with food

by KalaLea on March 23, 2011 • Posted in News

img_eggsarepeople2Why Did I Eat That? is more than a food blog or book project; it’s a practice in awareness, a lifestyle, if you will. I’ve thought a great deal about what I wish to accomplish via this project. While taking a branding workshop last fall, I drafted a mission statement. For the next few weeks, I will share one key focus from the W.D.I.E.T. Mission:

Mission #1: to encourage others to re-visit their relationship with food and water

There was a time when I simply ate because I was hungry. I gave very little, if any, thought as to where food came from or who prepared it. I ate just about any thing with the exception of chitterlings, pig’s feet, monkey brain, possum, raccoon, bull testicles, or tripe. Back then, I would describe my relationship with food as non-existent.

It took several encounters, a great deal of research, and a course in integrative nutrition for me to positively shift the way I felt about food. When I use the phrase “relationship with food” what I mean is that like all other relationships, the decisions we make around food deserve the same love, care and attention as other relationships in our lives. For example, I used to throw food in my basket and rush the food shopping process just to get the ‘hell out of that store’. Today, I handle food with the utmost care and consideration. I would never throw my nephew in his stroller so why would I hurl a bag of potatoes in my cart? Waking up 20 minutes early to enjoy a “quickie” is equally as important as waking a little earlier to prepare a healthy breakfast. Both have enormous benefits (smile). If I can sit at a bar three hours every weekend or watch movies all night long, I can most definitely work at the Food Coop three hours every month, right?

Cultivating any kind of relationship involves making time, planning ahead, being patient and going the extra mile. If you’re the type of person who truly values your life and the lives of others, then having a healthy, dynamic relationship with food and water comes with it. My desire to eat better started with a series of ailments that I could no longer ignore. However, over time I grew to respect and appreciate the many whole foods available to us and felt that I owed it not only to myself, but to my friends, colleagues, community, and family to nurture my body in the best way possible. Our necessity for food and water connects us all; I’ve found that as my relationship with food grows, my world becomes richer. Now, I am much more equipped to live life with strength and vitality.

How will I accomplish this goal:

– by hosting workshops and events that evoke the spirit of eating to live — instead of living to eat


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