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by KalaLea on March 29, 2011 • Posted in Kala's Favorites

photo_cashewsCall me hooked on cashews — the raw ones. I picked up a bag at the Food Coop 2 or 3 weeks ago and I keep going back for more. A great snack that seems to boost my energy levels while curbing my insatiable need to chew, cashews are high in protein, mono-saturated fats, copper and magnesium. Mono-saturated fat is considered a healthy fat. These are my favorite nuts for sure. If you’re looking for healthier, crunchy snacks then nuts and seeds are the way to go!

NOTE: If you have a hard time digesting nuts, you can soak them in filtered water from 15 minutes to 3 days — it all depends. Pay attention to your tummy, it will let you know if cashews are your friend.

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  1. Anny

    Kla DarlingHeart, Thank you for your love & light spirit around food and info! You have inspired me with your model!
    As for yummy raw cashews I just bought a very special batch from a friend’s organic store here in local Istanbul, (it was tough not to finish them on the way home…) I now have them soaking next to my yummy raw almonds. I will make cashew milk to put into my herbal smoothie for tomorrow morning… first time trial, will let you know how it goes.
    But I did want to tell you that I blended them with cocao nibs and dried blueberries last week for amazing raw chocki bombs. so easy and so very divine :)))
    Much Love & Light xxx

  2. KalaLea

    oh Anny!!! how are you my sweets? Thank you for sharing and writing! SO how did the herbal smoothie turn out? Do you have a pic of your raw chocki bombs, perhaps I can post on the recipe section? Need to find dried blueberries my darling, I’m sure they’re easier to come by in Turkey :) miss you! love you!

  3. Anny

    oh there you are :)) i didn’t know how to get back here… alas you found me!
    beauty yess such a missing for me too!!
    we are getting more and more access to different kinds of products in istanbul now, even goji berries are here! dried blueberries and dried golden berries (may infact be gooseberry, the translation is direct from turkish) the latest, with a lovely sour/sweet flavor and many seeds create a sexy kind of texture. lovely!!
    the smoothie was amazing with herbs i bought from longevity conference (maca, astragalis, holy basil, chaga & lots of love :))
    i do have photos of the raw chocki bombs, how can i post photos here babes? i would love to contribute with the recipe…
    lots of love & light to you All Ways xxx

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