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by KalaLea on March 2, 2011 • Posted in News

For nearly one year now, I have been eagerly coming home to work on this blog or the book after a long day of freelance work. I typically arrive home pretty exhausted yet I manage to muster up the energy to cook dinner then research or write until my eyes grow heavy. Totally not a glamorous New York City existence but it’s all for good reason. While preparing a huge garlic & sweet potato soup last Friday, a thought entered my mind. There was a time when I felt that people only cooked if they had a large family to feed, if they were sick, or if they were poor.

How crazy is this? From where did this ideology spawn?

I suppose it had something to do with family outings to chain restaurants such as Ponderosa Steak House or Eatin’ Park and the excitement of it all. Admittedly, eating out is fun and who doesn’t like having fun?

The dinner table seemed so run of the mill, same plates, same decor, same faces … I would dream of making it “BIG” then going out to eat every night to various restaurants all over town.

I had it all wrong.

Some where, somehow I came to my senses and began to enjoy the exceptional home cooked meal. Even during busy times when I’m too lazy to cook, I will whip together the most yummy sampling plate of rosemary crackers, red peppers, sunflower sprouts, goat cheese, hummus and olives then float through my night with a warm smile on my face — feeling proud because I prepared food for myself, in my own way, in my own home. What a wonderful feeling.

This Friday, I will post a recipe for Black Eyed Peas (as shown here). Thanks for reading and enjoy the day!

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  1. Janine

    hey Kalalea!

    food was oh-so-delicious this past friday thanks to you!!! that was a wonderful event and even more wonderful was the people…and the food!!! just today I saw some japanese yam and I bought some! they were such beauties and so yummy on friday I had to scoop them up! I am looking for your recipes for them on here, but can’t seem to locate…can you give me a heads up?

    just did a chinatown run today and thought of you! we’ll have to do that soon :)


  2. KalaLea

    Hi Janine!

    Thanks for writing. Those Japanese Sweet potatoes were boiled slightly then steamed. Before it cools, add a little butter and squeeze lime juice on them with a pinch of sea salt or two.

    Let’s do Chinatown on a warmer day next week :) talk soon!
    Thanks for visiting !

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