mission #2: personal investigation

by KalaLea on April 12, 2011 • Posted in News

Some time ago, while at the doctor’s office, I picked up a card that read:
Get More Involved in Your Health Care – Do You Know the Right Questions to Ask?

It was a take-away postcard that lists questions one should ask if a doctor orders tests or if one is being hospitalized. This reminded me ofย  the many questions I’ve asked before placing an order at most restaurants or when buying fresh fish, meat, or produce (yes, I’m one of those). This brings me to the next goal in my mission statement.

W.D.I.E.T. mission #2: To inspire conversation and personal investigation into the food we eat

Open conversation and personal investigation is a key proponent of the Why Did I Eat That? philosophy. We can’t always trust the manufacturers of our food to look out for our health and well being. It’s our responsibility to ask questions, demand safe food practices, and hold food processors and distributors accountable for what’s being produced and sold.

I’ve included a small checklist of questions to ask when buying fresh produce, meat, poultry, and fish. You can also ask similar questions when going to a restaurant or eatery (especially if you eat food with a face).

Please review the questions below.


If you feel the person is being rude, impatient, or if they are not knowledgeable, perhaps you should not eat there or do business with them. In any profession, I admire and appreciate it when management or workers know their product and provide solid customer service. Don’t you?

Please don’t be afraid to initiate conversations and express your desire to eat whole, healthy, sustainable food whenever possible. We, the consumers, hold the power to make significant change in any industry.

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