Fasting and Un-fasting

by KalaLea on June 23, 2011 • Posted in News

photo_2011_summerklaJust two days after my first WDIET workshop, I began a 10-day fast that lasted only six days. It’s always a challenge to fast prior to summer solstice. For one, it’s around my birthday and I want to eat my favorite foods. Plus June is a busy social month given that it’s the beginning of summer and the heat is on.

Day 1, 2, and 3
Pretty easy breezy, I drank 3 green juices plus 1 fruit smoothie every day while filling in the gaps with loads of lemon and water. My nose was running like crazy but my energy level was sky high. Day 3, I cleaned my entire house –top to bottom–then rested most of the evening.

Day 4
My friend brought me a green juice then we went for a bike ride via the West side highway to the Intrepid Museum then back to the Park Slope Food Coop to stock up on more lemons.

Day 5 and 6
On Day 5, by lunchtime, I was feeling pretty weak. Towards the end of the day, I ran into a friend, a personal trainer.

When I told him of my fast he asked me, “how many juices are you having each day considering that you are still working full time?”

I responded, “usually three, I don’t have much time for juicing given my schedule.”

His eyes grew big, “That’s not enough, you need to drink at least 6 juices KalaLea!”

I know better but needed to be reminded. That night I dreamt I was stealing fresh produce from my friend’s refrigerator and stuffing everything in my purse. Crazy! My body was sending me messages in my sleep. I knew that Day 6 would be my last day until I have ample time for a proper, healthy fast.

When and if you fast, it’s best to:
– consult a medical professional, nutritionist, holistic health or fasting coach or buddy
– take time off from work and strenuous activities
– be prepared, go the a health food store and stock up on necessities plus buy a few pieces of fruit for emergencies
– limit noise and communication, this is a time to be quiet (meditative)
– get plenty of rest, go to bed by 10pm, if possible
– identify where or how you’ll get the nutrients you need, a local juice bar or if you have a juicer, where will you buy your green veggies?
– have a un-fasting plan, eat raw foods for the first 2-3 days after your fast then ease into cooked whole foods such as, steamed veggies and sprouted grains (no salt or sugar please)

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