Day 23: eating raw

by KalaLea on August 30, 2011 • Posted in News

img_day23It’s taken me 23 days to re-integrate the very old habit of writing into my daily regimen. Why? Because on August 9th, I decided to try a 100% raw food diet for sixty days. I suppose I had to give up one daily habit until I mastered another. I triumphed a total of six days before the toxins and other yucky stuff in my body ignited a 3-day long fever accompanied by severe body aches. Glad that’s behind me. Next time, I’ll schedule a colonic four days into my cleanse instead of six.

Moving along … today I awoke feeling “normal” again. I prepared my food for the day in less than ten minutes without cursing myself for taking on this challenge. This is what I brought today:

* a lime, cucumber, avocado drink from Organic Avenue
* grapes for my post-green juice snack
* herbal tea for in-between eating
* raw kale salad with dried cherries and green olives
* 1 avocado
*  post-launch snack of roasted veggies and couscous

plus on my way to work, I drank a green juice of celery, kale, cucumber, spinach, green apple, ginger, and lemon. Whew, I’m surprised my eyeballs aren’t GREEN.

Writing it down feels like work but I’ve gotten the hang of it now. I rise 30 minutes earlier to make time for any last minute kale massaging or lunch-packing. Some say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. For me, it’s a teeny bit longer but I’m thrilled to be doing this. It’s challenging and time consuming but the real work involved me wrapping my mind around changing how I relate to food, once again. I absolutely super duper ♥ cooked food but it doesn’t possess the live enzymes and vital anutrients as raw food. This is scientific-speak but I truly feel the difference. These days, my energy level fluctuates between high and ultra-high. In addition to this, I no longer feel anemic, i.e. eye floaters, burning muscles, and no more heart palpitations.

I’ve been advised by a colon hydrotherapist to eat raw 80% of the day and have committed to doing this until October 15th, at least.

If you’re a WDIET Facebook fan, you know that I was a bad girl last weekend, eating whole wheat pancakes & eggs for breakfast. The flesh is weak and as my Grandma Mae would say, “Lord have mercy, give me strength”. It’s not easy but it’s possible.

Hope you and your family are safe, healthy, and happy. Smiles/K*

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  1. Allan Tan

    hi there, good try and good decison to do this. I tried going vegetarian many yrs ago and got sick for 9 months!! The detox was tough and challenging but I managed to hang on for 3 yrs. Good as a lot of poison came out of my body.

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