You can afford to eat sustainably if you …

by KalaLea on August 6, 2011 • Posted in News

photo_graciasmadre* own more than 7 pairs of shoes.
* pay for cable television.
* have a smartphone or computer.
* go out for drinks once a week.
* buy beauty and skincare products regularly.
* eat at restaurants several times a month.
* shop for clothes, jewelry, and “stuff” often.
* own an automobile or travel frequently.

Lately when I share the WDIET philosophy with others, I’m challenged with the notion that healthy, organic food is much too expensive. Most conventional food products seem a lot cheaper in comparison but the costs are off-loaded to us in other ways such as, the instability of our environment, rising healthcare costs, massive air and water pollution, plus the current generation may be the first NOT to outlive their parents. The production and manufacturing of conventional food is NOT cheap at all.

Remember that 80s film with Tom Hanks and Shelly Long, The Money Pit? When they arrive to the house, Shelly Long’s character says, “It’s beeeaaautiful” then Tom’s character responds, “I know, something must be wrong.” His intuition was right on, yet they buy the house anyway. It turns out to be a huge money pit. I equate this to the regular purchasing of fast or processed food — food that comes in a bag, box, or can including the so-called healthy products. The marketing campaigns are brilliant but it’s a big fat lie.

By the end of the film, they’ve spent every dollar and their romantic relationship has soured. A heavy price to pay for such a seemingly beautiful house. But there’s one line at the end of the film that stuck with me, “No, this wasn’t an easy one but the foundation was good … and if that’s okay then everything else can be fixed.” There’s a happy ending after all.

Let healthy eating habits and quality food be your foundation. It’s simply a matter of priorities.
And don’t worry, the money will come for that other stuff.

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  1. Cassandra

    Great points, I have been guilty of “OOOOh I would love to buy organic, but it is always so much more expensive……” (do this in a high pitch whiney voice). You are right all of it is about making it a choice, this is what I eat and how I eat. I have some of the things on that list but not all however I will keep this in mind as I make my shopping lists.

  2. Pam

    Great post! What woke me up to eating better? (still wwirking at it). When you said to me ‘pay for good food now or pay for perscriptions later’. That was my Ah Ha
    moment. Thanks my love!!!

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