Eat with JOYFUL awareness

by KalaLea on September 24, 2011 • Posted in Kala's Favorites The Act of Eating

Life should be pleasurable — without the feeling of guilt and stress. My recommendation to those of you who worry about being fat or becoming overweight. DON”T FRET OH BEAUTIFUL ONE! Stress and worry can cause over eating. Over eating will result in weight gain. Worrying about weight gain can keep the weight on. Round and round. Stress. Eat. Worry. Eat some more. We all know when we’ve gone overboard. If you’re eating with joyful awareness, you don’t need to worry about your weight. Conserve this energy for things that matter such as, family, frolicking, friendships, exploration, hobbies, and exercise.

For example, the other night I met up with friends for pizza at L’asso. Pizza is my absolute favorite food invention. On the way to meet them, I had a mini-talk with myself about not eating cheese; the plan was to order a salad and pasta dish. Since I arrived late, my friends made the pizza selection for all of us. Going with the flow, down went my plans for pasta yet I managed to eat a salad. The four of us devoured a pizza larger than the table upon which it sat. Prior to my raw food cleanse, I would have awoken with a head full of snot ( aka mucous) but I truly believe that my laissez-faire attitude and the adorable company contributed to me not experiencing my usual side effects. It was more about the fellowship, conversation and accompanying laughter. Weight gain, congestion or mucous weren’t on my mind or the menu.

Below are tips for eating with joyful awareness:

1. Eat while sitting at a table – not in bed, walking down the street, or hunched over your desk
2. Chew your food well – take your time
3. Set your fork down in between bites and breathe
4. Please don’t eat in front of the television/computer more than 3x weekly
5. Have a healthy salad before your meal – roughage is for better digestion and metabolism
6. Share food with friends, family or loved ones
7. Eat out less – prepare food at home with family, neighbors, and friends
8. Go for a long walk after eating large meals and wait two hours before going to bed

Although I enjoyed every bite of my four slices (can you believe it?), it will be at least another 6 weeks before I have pizza again. Happy eating, and remember, extreme moderation is the key!

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