eating raw and the F word

by KalaLea on September 16, 2011 • Posted in News

photo_raw_fwordDay 39, just getting home from colonic No. 4. My impulse is to find something to put in my mouth and chew. Something yummy to eat; even though my colon hydrotherapist suggested I drink ginger tea then a green juice for the rest of the night…

“I wouldn’t recommend you eat any food tonight,” she says. “You can do that, right?”

I was looking forward to some olives and those macro vegan sushi rolls for dinner. No biggie though, plans change. All of the sudden, the little voice in my head belts out, Why are you doing this? I miss croissants, pizza, donuts, and the occasional grass-fed burger with goat cheese.

I returned to the present and responded, “sure, no problem.” As I walked home, I find myself listing all of the reasons I’m doing this cleanse: Increased vitality. The detox effect. More energy. Healthy inside = healthy outside. And most importantly, to have less pain during my monthly cycle.

Being that we’re friends now, I can share my main purpose for eating raw: to dissolve my fibroids.  Oh yeah, I said the “F” word. Gents, keep it together. Ladies, many of you can relate. I have a feeling you or someone you know has been diagnosed with these benign tumors. Fortunately for me, mine are small but they still cause problems. Problems I wish to leave behind by the time 2012 rolls around. I am a healer. I have the tools and know-how to heal myself hence the raw food cleanse. My change in diet is being supplemented by more exercise, some meditation, lots of rest, reiki every day, and no drama. Just peace and love. It’s only been 39 days but I feel the difference.

If you’re ailing because of fibroids and you live in New York City, a friend of a friend is giving a workshop, Wednesday, October 5th in Manhattan. It’s FREE and you can register here at The workshop is titled Fibroids, PCOS, PMS & Hormones! Sounds like fun, right?

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  1. Lanee

    I’m an emotional eater. When I feel happy I celebrate by eating. When I’m sad I soothe myself with food. I know it’s simple: I have to stop using food as a crutch but that is so much easier said than done. I struggle with it every single day.

  2. KalaLea

    Thanks for sharing Lanee. Emotions are a huge when it comes to the choices we make about food. Let’s support each other when we can.

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