eating raw: the grand finale

by KalaLea on September 17, 2011 • Posted in News

img_finaleAt this very moment, New York City is twenty degrees cooler than it was just 48 hours ago. During my commute home Thursday night, I decided to end the raw food challenge starting Saturday – TODAY. Yesterday made 40 days of eating raw, well sort of. I’ve cheated a few times but overall I’ve been focused, my co-workers and friends can attest to this. Many days, I’ve been so on the ball, I’ve scared myself. Two days ago, I did a mini-yoga session at home, biked to Manhattan, worked, biked home, cleaned the kitchen then the bathroom, cooked, went to visit a friend for a couple of hours, then awoke fresh the next day. As much as I love bread, cheese and warm food, it doesn’t give me the same empowering energy as a raw kale & dandelion salad.

Yet the one thing I don’t like is being cold. And eating cold (raw) food on a brisk cool day is especially not appealing to me. This weekend, I’ll begin eating more along the lines of a macrobiotic diet until mid-October or longer.

Last night I celebrated by having Indian Food with friends. However, I eased into it first by drinking a carrot, spinach, beet, ginger & apple juice, salad, and macro vegan sushi rolls earlier in the day. I made the mistake of eating chocolate cake late last night. It was calling my name, I picked up the phone, and it slapped me silly with sleepiness. A hard head makes a soft butt, isn’t that what they say? Ouch!

Happy Weekend!Β  Thanks as always for reading and believing in the power of whole foods & positivity.

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  1. J.R.

    That’s awesome! You are encouraging me to do another fast. That clear head and ability to focus is amazing isn’t it?

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