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photo_seaweed_pedroWe are water, more specifically, we are of the ocean. Mysterious, abundant, complex, interconnected, and full of life. That’s why eating seaweed makes sense to me. The ocean is loaded with minerals such as, potassium, iron, calcium, iodine and magnesium; therefore, sea veggies are concentrated with the same. Eat seaweed to maintain thyroid health, aid in digestion, regulate hormones, and detox from various pollutants and harmful metals.

Over 9,000 species of seaweed have been recorded worldwide — though all of these are not edible. Classified by geography and color, green, brown, and red, their healing properties are never ending. Here’s a list of my top three (by color, nutritional benefits, and preparation):

1. Dulse – Red | highly concentrated in iodine | high in vegetable protein and an excellent source of iron
* eat Dulse Flakes as is in a salad or even smoothie
* add to soups or stews
* toast in oven and consume like chips

2. Hijiki – Brown | aids in weight loss | softens hard tissue and tumors | super high in calcium and iron
* rinse well then soak 5 to 15 minutes (it grows twice its size)
* add to salad or use it as a base for a salad then add carrots, sprouts, olive oil, and lemon juice
* cook with grains, soups, or stir fry

3. Nori – Green | resolves phlegm | treats painful urination | rich in niacin | decreases cholesterol
* eat Nori sheets as is (as a snack)
* crumble over salads, casseroles, stews or dressing
* make “sushi” rolls (this takes practice – watch video – ignore the mayo part)

Before committing to my 60 day raw food challenge, I ate seaweed 3-5 times per month. Now I eat it every day. I’ve added wakame and kombu to my seaweed diet as well. Sea veggies are another energy boosting super food. Be open, feel free to ask questions, and enjoy !!

I buy it from the Food Coop or farmer’s markets. My favorite brand is She Sells Seaweed.

NOTE: Since seaweed contains large amounts of sodium, I recommend using a lot less sea salt when preparing accompanying dishes.

Even Oprah’s people published an article outlining the benefits of eating seaweed this year.

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