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by KalaLea on October 30, 2011 • Posted in News The Act of Eating

Cool weather combined with stress brings out the animal in me. This week I’ve eaten enough to satisfy 2 grown hardworking men! I kid you not. This little piggy needs to take it easy. If you haven’t noticed, a revolution or awareness is brewing throughout¬†the world. Need I say the word, OCCUPY. Makes me want to chew on something. I suppose my spirit is a bit anxious. My mind is running like mad, I constantly check Facebook or occupywallstreet for news. I can’t help but wonder what’s in store for the future. I’m suffering from a bad case of A.D.H.D. and it feels so unlike my laid-back self. Am I making sense?

I’m saying that external influences can sometimes cause me to overeat i.e. abuse my body — despite knowing better. Knowledge is not always power but action is.


Overeating is similar to stalking yourself. Our bodies need space and time to rest and rejuvenate. Eating too much or too often adds stress to the digestive system as well as the major organs. The body needs time to assimilate food and heal itself. If you’re over indulging, my suggestions are: (this is just as much for me as for you)

1. just because it’s there or offered to you, doesn’t mean you should eat it, like the PSA announcement says: Just Say NO!
2. use chopsticks to eat, taking smaller bites (I suck at using them so it takes me much longer to complete a meal which is good)
3. put the fork (or chopsticks) down in between bites and take a moment to breathe
4. order smaller portions and/or share with friends at every opportunity – if there are 4 people having dinner, order 3 entrees
5. eat a salad before your meal then eat your veggies before the rest of your food Рensuring that you get vital nutrients
6. if you know you’re having a big dinner, eat a light meal for breakfast and lunch and drink plenty of water throughout the day
7. drink herbal teas (peppermint is my favorite) to suppress appetite; after meals, drink ginger or fennel tea to aid in digestion
8. volunteer at a food bank or soup kitchen; donate food to a non-profit such as City Harvest – help others less fortunate
9. stretch, walk, run, exercise, dance, move your body, do something! when the body is active, the mind calms down
10. and most importantly take time to chew your food, as the saying goes “drink your food – eat your liquids”

SIDE NOTE: Please purchase your own set of chopsticks to carry with you or keep at home. There are nearly 25 million fully grown trees that are destroyed each year to meet the demand for disposable ones in China alone. We love our trees! And since we’re on the subject of conservation, if you work in an office, please bring re-usable utensils to work instead of using paper products or plastic ware. They have these cute silverware sets.

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