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by KalaLea on November 13, 2011 • Posted in News

Now that eating raw food every day is ingrained in my spirit, I’ve incorporated exercise which is another task unto itself. After only 3 weeks, my body is booming with energy. My muscles speak to me with every step and my core is getting stronger with each sit up. I often wonder why we have to do so much work to be a healthy human being. Why can’t our teeth clean themselves? Why can’t waste exit our body in a more neat, less smelly format? Why can’t eating food and drinking water be a monthly requirement instead of a daily challenge?

My theory is a such:

Being human is special. There are millions of other living beings we could have evolved into but we didn’t. Remember the words of Spider Man: With great power there must also come great responsibility. As humans, we have the power to co-create almost anything but in order to function at our highest, we must take good care of the body, mind and spirit. So why are we so lazy?

Having a healthy relationship with food directly correlates to having a healthy relationship with oneself. If someone is cool with eating loads of junk, processed, and fast food, their personality and lifestyle is usually a reflection of those choices. When I ate this way, I wasn’t concerned about composting or the effect of my actions on the planet. When I ate this way, I was far more dramatic, more anxious, and even irritable. Many if my older friends have mentioned how hyper I used to be. I still have my moments but overall, I am a much more chilled and happy person. I like being this person. This is most certainly a result of my change in diet and lifestyle.

I’ve come to a place in my life where soda, fast food, and most processed foods of any kind is no longer an option for me. People call me uptight but I know my body and those things never make me feel good so I won’t be peer pressured into eating junk. But it’s not over, my relationship with food is still flourishing. I’ve yet to grow the kale that I love so much in my own garden. My fire-making skills are poor at best and I’ve never lived on a farm. Lots to learn, lots to do!

Last night while at a Fedex Center, I overheard two of the workers ordering Chinese food for their dinner.

One hung up and expressed to the other, “It’s gonna be $10 each, this food better be good. I never spend this much money for take-out.”

I quietly blurted out, “If there’s anything you should be spending money on, it’s good quality food. Nourishing our beautiful bodies, is our number one priority.” I couldn’t help myself.

They both looked at me in surprise.

I returned the stare and said, “Have you ever paid $10 for a cocktail or glass of wine? We all know, that alcohol is toxic but we rarely blink an eye when it comes to its high price plus it’s not even good for the body.”

One of them reacted, “Yeah, she’s right. I had a glass of wine the other night and it was $9.00.”

I assured them that I’m also concerned about the jump in food prices but have made a commitment to my health.

“I write about it on my food blog check it out,” I said while handing them a WDIET sticker (smile).

My life would be totally different if I didn’t take an interest then action into eating to live. This is a much different experience than eating to fill the belly or eating to survive. Yes, it’s hard being healthy but it’s worth it and the results are extraordinary, just ask my Mom.

Where can you challenge yourself in support of living a healthy, sustainable life? What are you willing to do?
You can start by: Eating something red or green every day i.e. salad, tomatoes, cucumber, kale…) Drinking more water. Expressing yourself. Eating less meat. Smiling. Do more of what you love. Getting rid of over-the-counter drugs. Laughing lots.

Oh yes, I found another great documentary, please take the time to watch and share. It’s called:

A New Way to See Food

This guy rides his bike around Central Park, NYC. He always looks happy and is clearly healthy – muscles everywhere. Thanks Dar Riser for sharing these photos.



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  1. j.R.

    K, when we first met, I was really into my health and diet, but a few years ago I somehow caught a rare fungal virus in arizona by just breathing some very dusty air and I have taken a step backwards healthwise. Well, I guess it almost killed me but it wasn’t the right time. I am still practicing a vegan diet lifestyle and I am happy with that, but our bodies always look to improve when given the chance. I’ve regressed because of the fungus, but this post has been a positive push for me to get back on track. Thanks for the encouraging words.

  2. KalaLea

    Glad to hear J.R. Thanks for sharing and I hope you are feeling stronger and renewed with every day. Looks like all is well in S.A. Planning to make it there within the year.

  3. Tracy

    This is an excellent article! Thanks for articulating it with humor and compassion. My relationship with food is still flourishing also. I haven’t touched meat in 21 years, but that addiction to sugar and flour is hard to break. Was thinking of you yesterday when I washed some organic kale!

  4. dwyan

    Yes nice article indeed. I really look at people who eat whatever and whenever they want differently than before. I am a Vegan. I am at the stage where when i see a woman eat meat or dairy it is such a turnoff and if she is a love interest, kissing her is even more difficult. So yes your diet can, and does, change your whole outlook on other people and life as a whole. Even my relationship with animals. Knowing that I don’t eat them, it makes me more appreciative of them and less afraid of them too. More concerned about their welfare!! Anyway just sharing a few thoughts. Thank you.

  5. j.R.

    Yes, its been a long slow process but I’m looking forward to better times in the future. Joburg is cool! If you will be coming to joburg, we have a room for you and would love you to stay with us. Let me know when as soon as you know.

  6. Gail Hines

    Hello Kalalea. I wanted to thank you for your WDIET card to introduce me to this site, and to say how pleasant it was for Foster and I to meet you at Cafe M with Bryant. I look forward to keeping in touch and learning more from you. We wish you a wonderfully successful journey going forward Kalalea. Blessings. Gail

  7. Dio

    Hey Kalalea!! Great speaking with you and connecting today @ my 1/2 Marathon Sendoff Party. Thank you for sharing your site with me. I totally plan to keep up with it and spread the word about it as i’m sure you will continue to give great insightful and useful information concerning food and health. I think this is something that needs to be a lot more important to the people of our community. I’ve definitely become more active since taking up running but i’m sure making adjustments to my diet will allow me to take my running to the next level. Looking forward to future articles and info. One Love and keep up the great work.

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