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by KalaLea on February 1, 2012 • Posted in News Travel

Somehow I’ve landed in Bahia, Brazil. Well, it’s no accident really. I’ve been planning this move for a couple of months now. Starting in March, I’ll begin working on an organic farm in a beautiful National Park called Chapada Diamantina. I found this farm via the WWOOF Brazil organization of which I’m a member. In exchange for 4-6 hours of farm work, I’ll receive free room & board. It’s time to take my relationship with food to the next level by learning how to grow and harvest it.

In the meantime, I’m hanging out in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil’s Capital of Happiness, until I begin island hopping to recuperate from a long 18 months of New York City non-stop-ness. Close to my new home are teeny markets and shops that service the more than 4 million residents in this loud, wild, and colorful city. Last night around midnight, I was chased by stray dogs. I was actually screaming in the street until this homeless guy came to my aid. Thank goodness for homeless dog whisperers.


The walk through the multiple markets and street shops is a total trip to all five senses. The vibe is always lively and somewhat entertaining if you didn’t grow up in these parts. Yesterday, I cautiously asked a few of the vendors if I could take a photo. Every one of them said, pode (yes you can).


At a glance, one could summarize Brazil’s cuisine in three words: meat, bread, and cheese. Then add the word fried in front of each. The antithesis of my diet back in New York, it’s taken me nearly a week to find healthier items to prepare for lunch and dinner. More on this soon — gotta run. Have a gorgeous day and do something outrageous!

With love and hugs and warmth.

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  1. BoomerWiz

    I am so following your adventures and wish I was there to do the same thing. Bahia is my fav spot on this earth. And good food a significant interest especially as it relates to aging. Can’t wait to hear how you strike the balance between what is customarily eaten and your own personal habits. I am headed that way. But meanwhile looking for your posts

  2. Diana Mora

    this blog post really inspired me and put a huge smile on my face. i’m truly so happy for you. i look forward to hearing more about your fantastic voyage.
    sending you positivity!
    your friend,

  3. Hosanna

    Amazing, I so enjoyed reading (and seeing) your first steps and culinary adventures in Brazil. Can’t wait to see you, this blog is about to get even better!

  4. Troy Greene

    When I saw the part about the stray dogs, I just passed out. I can hear you screaming..lol. I’m so glad that our friend was there to help you out.

  5. Xenobia

    Thanks for this amazing post, take care of yourself and thanks for your journal notes.


  6. J.R. Anderson

    Stray dogs?!? What the…? Sounds like you should walk around with a stick for protection. Strap it to your back, like a ninja. I’m so happy for you KalaLea!

  7. oshadi

    Can’t wait to read more sis… enjoy… Perhaps you could get some meats to bring for stray dog runs… stay safe.

  8. Mitsue

    YAY!!! You made it!
    I really appreciate you taking us along with you. I am very curious about how the faming situation in Brasil. Look forward to your next post.
    Stay well. Sending a big hugs and love to you ;- )

  9. Kaletha

    Kalalea! My girl! I’m so proud of you and excited about your new journey! I have always felt this connection to Brazil and Cuba (not yet sure why) and I long to experience living in one of these cultures. As a fellow foodie, I can’t wait to follow your ventures through one of the most dynamic locales on earth. Keep smiling, exploring and listening to your inner spirit. Love you!

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