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by KalaLea on March 2, 2012 • Posted in News Personal Connections Travel

Where have you felt your most beautiful self?
What were you doing?
What were you wearing?
What does that feel like?
Please repeat after me: I am beautiful and perfect and lovely and alive. Thank you.


Besides the many reasons I’ve listed for being here, the music, culture, the warmth, the people, nature, there is another reason why I’m here. I feel my most beautiful self in Bahia. I feel vibrant and free and alive. And when you feel it. You want it to be like that as often as possible. At least I do.


Sim (Yes), the men show mad super love for all kinds of women. They seem to have an appreciation for women unlike no other culture of men. At least they have no problem expressing it. But there is also BEING BEAUTIFUL in your most alone time. BEING BEAUTIFUL like nature. BEING BEAUTIFUL in every possible way. By being kind, compassionate, forgiving, considerate, honest, and free. Being in tune with the rhythm of life and so on … being beautiful.


Try it.

Yesterday, we spent another gorgeous day in Imbassai … my muse. My first true beach love. During my stay in 2009, I sat in the spot where the Atlantic ocean meets the Imbassai River (Rio). I cried tears of shimmery bliss and joy. Inside was love and it was overflowing in the waters of the river. Inner peace opened its arms and squeezed me so very tight. It was 7 o’clock in the morning.


I am rarely awake and out of the house at that time but here, it’s no problem. I awoke at the same time today.

Sunshine is energy. Energy is power. Even the doggies feel it.


Before heading to the beach, we ate the usual for lunch, rice n’ beans, salad, farofa, and to celebrate Women’s History Month, a strawberry and chocolate crepe with coconut ice cream! This is the first legitimate crepe I’ve had here. Can you say, YUM!?


Giving thanks for the natural beauty in us all.

Have fun out there :-) Be kind to your body and it will be good to you. Rub your feet at night. Rub your lover’s feet in the morning.


Breathe in … breathe out.

Once again, repeat after me: Dreams do come true!



Até mais (until later)

(Even my teeny chubby gut is beautiful)

It’s been fantastic hanging out with my friend, Fola. Who, although born in London, is a Baiana in spirit. Thanks Fola!


Leaving for the farm on the 7am bus tomorrow morning!

Chapter 2 begins …

With gratitude and lightness,



p.s. we met this crazy kool crew at the bus stop yesterday in Imbassai … they have been traveling around Brasil for 3 months. We talked about Bahia, nature, life, hippies, love, and music. They reminded me of the INCREDIBLY DOPALICIOUS group from Bahia called Buraka Som Sistema. Watch and dance!! and remember BE BEAUTIFUL cause that’s what you are.


you want to see more?

and more?

so bad ass … eu adoro!!

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  1. nicole b

    This really put a smile on my face, you look so happy and your skin is amazing!

  2. Mom

    Beautiful pictures. Beautiful daughter. Enjoy your next journey. Keep telling of your adventures and keep taking beautiful pictures. Love you and be safe!

  3. Sonia

    I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this journey, your journey vicariously thru you…I am so filled with smiles and contentment after reading and drinking in the exquisite photos….seeing you so radiant and overflowing with gorgeousness and happiness – I am truly touched by your Light…

    Many, many Blessings, wonders and joys on your next adventures!! Lv u. Xoxo S.

  4. Pepa

    Hi all! KalaLea just sent me a phone message and asked me to post here that she is well in the fazenda at Chapada and that she has no phone signal. A big hug to everyone of you!

  5. Audrey Nesby

    Hey cuz… is really beatiful there….you look like you are having a great time…The girl on the picture looks like your twin……amazing….well stay safe and keep on being beatiful.

  6. Cousin Marie

    I’m loving your pictures and comments….keep taking me there…..they are a gift!

  7. Anny

    you divine goddess Kla,
    the energy around at the moment that demands we stand in the light, is totally showing through your gracious acceptance of the abundant beauty in and around you!
    your creative expansiveness is alive and well, yes dreams do come true, clearly.
    i feel the depth of wild love with you beauty,
    hhmmmm makes me wanna sing out loud and i am :-)))
    bring it on babes xxx

  8. J.R. Anderson

    Wow! Great set of pictures and you look great as well of course! The sun has truly kissed your skin… I’m really looking forward to seeing the farm!!!

  9. Lanee

    I love all of the pictures! You are such a positive person and I miss having you in my daily life. I hope you inspire others as you have me.

  10. Elmer

    Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m
    not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted
    to say excellent blog!

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