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by KalaLea on November 12, 2013 • Posted in News

Picking up from last week’s post. My perspective has shifted from one of shame and blame to love and acceptance.

In my heart, I believe that industrialization spawned from a place of good and progressive-thinking. However, I also believe that the way in which we produce and process food must be reevaluated — within American households and throughout the world.

The media focuses on what to buy or where to eat, not what we’re eating. Too many families can’t afford to buy organic or dine at sustainable restaurants. And the majority of folks shy away from discussions around large-scale food production for valid reasons. If you’re not interested in food policy, it can be boring. Plus phrases like “industrialized animal production systems” “genetic engineering” or “slaughter systems” can be overwhelming and make one feel powerless. On the contrary, we are more powerful than ever. It is what we choose to do with this power that will inform our food future. Decision by decision. Day by day.

This is a much larger conversation and will take a great deal of focus, energy, and determination.

So what can be done about our beloved grain, wheat?
And what are we suppose to eat moving forward if wheat or gluten is no longer an option?

There are many people who are championing the issues of mass production, food policies, and food security but if you don’t have the time or inclination then the answer is:

IMG_7819Accept and move on.
Nothing lasts forever and this includes ancient crops but at least, we have plenty of alternatives.

With that being said, here are a few gluten-free foods and products to consider:
1) Amaranth
2) Quinoa
3) Millet
4) Buckwheat
5) Cornmeal
6) Wild Rice
7) Flax
8) Sweet potatoes (orange and purple)
9) Udi’s Gluten-free bread (the only one I’ve tried and it’s pretty close to the real deal)
10) Teff (used to make injera, the Ethiopian sponge-like bread)

(NOTE: Make sure these are not processed in a factory that produces wheat)

To answer my dear friend Hosanna’s question, if the first ingredient reads WHOLE GRAIN WHEAT FLOUR then, as it stands today, it means that this grain was legally milled from whole grains. Do not confuse this with “whole wheat bread”. It’s not the same. That’s marketing.

Wheat flour is another story and is equally as bad as white, refined, or enriched flours. Just like your produce, it’s always best to buy fresh bread from a farmer’s market or local bakery.

Also, be weary of some not-so-obvious items that contain gluten:
1) Beer
2) Soy sauce
3) Wheat-free items (wheat and gluten are not the same)
4) Gravy
5) Ice cream (some)
6) Gourmet meats (sausages, etc)
7) Cream-based soups
8) Prescription drugs

The DOs and DONTs of how to eat gluten-free are endless, here is a good place to start. And here.

IMG_7807Yesterday morning, I watched the OWN channel and a poet named Mark Nepo was being interviewed for Super Soul Sundays. He said many things that struck me while telling his story of being a cancer survivor but the following resonated with me the most:

Learn to ask for what you need, only to practice accepting what you are given.

A powerful statement and great advice.

Where food is concerned, this is what I need (not in any particular order):
* fresh
* safe (chemical and disease free)
* healthy
* colorful
* tasty
* whole
* energizing
* alive
* varied

Thankfully, we live in a country where options are readily available, including fat-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free.
We can accept this and choose to buy these products or not. Therein lies our power and the love that comes with it.

IMG_7806My general recommendation is to cook often and eat as many live fruits and vegetables as possible plus take a multi-vitamin twice daily.

Next week, WDIET talks vitamins.

Until then, be compassion and be love!

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