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by KalaLea on December 29, 2013 • Posted in News Practicing Awareness
Imagine a world where people told the truth. Where honesty held court no matter the circumstance or consequence.
Would we be less fragile or more crazy? Would more people be their “true” selves? Un-afraid of ridicule or judgement? Would there be a need for Santa Claus?

Many moons ago, I used to catch myself telling lies:
Yeah, I’ve heard about that book.
I used to be the smartest girl in my class.
I’m sorry I’m late …  the train took forever.
Your song is really cool … I like it.
I suppose it was my way of not hurting others, not getting in trouble or keeping the conversation interesting or sometimes it just felt better than saying “I don’t know.” Thirteen years ago, during the course of my yoga teacher training, I began to see myself with new awareness. I was a liar. Only sometimes, but more often than I would admit.
From an early age, some of us are taught to lie in order to protect someone else’s feelings or save ourselves. Even if your parents did not encourage lying, many children begin their storytelling career at an early age … around 3 or 4 years old. It’s apparent when you spend time with them. They are usually bad liars but liars nonetheless; and they will do almost anything to get what they want. Some people find it difficult to grow up.
(Feel free to take a break and watch this video, How to Tell When Someone is Lying (Part 2). Or continue to read but it’s cute so watch it eventually) Also, check out a movie on Netflix, (Dis)honesty: The Truth About Lies.
Yesterday morning as I entered the subway station, I witnessed a father and son jump the turnstile … well, basically the father used his metro card to pay and he commanded the teenage boy to get behind him without paying. In actuality, this was stealing but lying and stealing go hand-in-hand. I wondered how many other ways this father is teaching his son to be dishonest and how this will affect his perception of life — or at least of the public transportation system. Perhaps during the holidays, there could be a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE special…digressing.
Although I’ve significantly scaled down on “telling stories” as my grandmother would say, I still catch myself bending the truth or omitting information. I realize that some people can’t handle the truth but I try hard not to be one of them. I have this theory that the truth will make me stronger. Call me a masochist.
Many psychologists have confirmed that lying is a part of human nature. Everybody lies. Every one of us. That may be true but this doesn’t mean we should do it freely without full awareness of how it could affect the world around us and our loved ones. The most logically way to end the lies is to stop lying to self. Tell the truth about who you are, what you need, and where you feel most comfortable and trust that your life will unfold as it should.

Let’s continue to pay closer attention to our thoughts and the words that come out of our mouths.

Your Thoughts align with your Words which should align with your Actions.

As the New Year quickly approaches, I work extra hard to get my thoughts in order and clear up any lies even if they’re in my head. Below are my thoughts for the coming year (not in any particular order):

I can do absolutely anything including getting to work at a decent hour.
Life can be wonderful and interesting if that’s what you want.
Every moment in time happens for a reason or season.
Material things don’t matter but they’re nice to have.
There’s lots of good in the world.
Flossing is fabulous.
Love is the only way.
We are perfect — even the imperfect parts.
Life is just a series of choices.
Music makes it all better.
I feel what I eat, ingest, and believe.
The learning never ends.
Every living being deserves love and respect.
Remain humble.
Stay positive.
We are one.
Let go.


Also, check out this very honest account of this writer telling a lie, but later fixing it as best as she could, here.
And lastly, a song for you by Jon Hendricks & Company that says it all. Here’s to telling the truth.

Wishing you a POSITIVE and LOVE-FILLED 2014!!

20 Things to Let Go of Before the New Year! 


Thank you for being a part of my life. And please remember to floss each and every day.


p.s. I need a new camera but here are a few from Brazil that I captured during Willian’s birthday bash at the infamous Bananas Hostel. These photo scream, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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  1. Boy Blue

    Truth has left me in a state of euphoria, consoled me in my darkest hours, wrapped its arms around me when a hug was all I needed, taught me how to articulate without venom, has been and still is my closet ally, my favorite girl, my main squeeze, my pretty baby, etc.

    When i strut my stuff it is in that truth I walk…………..

    Truth is LOVE, It doesn’t need the bells, whistles and small talk, No don’t dress this truth up !

    Truth is POWER and beauty just waiting to be cajoled, investigated, pushed and shoved, until it illuminates ones spirit.


    Boy Blue

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