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by KalaLea on September 10, 2014 • Posted in News

Two weeks ago, I was inspired by the story of two Canadian roommates who decided NOT to spend money for one year. Together they saved more than 55,000 US dollars. This intrigued me because I believe that in New York City, one cannot walk out the door without dropping $20 every other block, let alone save money.

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As more businesses and entrepreneurs accept debit cards, I’m finding it extra challenging to keep track of my spending so I decided to adopt the two roommates’ Buy Nothing plan for the next three months. (A year would feel like a long painful death sentence.) Just six days in, my friend said, “I don’t think you’re going to make it through one month.” So much for faith but I’m willing to try. The timing is right seeing that I’m focusing on the re-design of this blog and the completion of my book.

It’s been ten challenging yet rewarding days. Every day the goal is to eat at home. Spend no more than $10 per outing. Purchase only the necessities which does not include clothing, jewelry, music, books, concert tickets, gifts, plane tickets, electronics, or spa treatments. Go to the many FREE events whenever making plans. And being a lover of film, I’m allowing myself one theater-going experience per month.

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This exercise brought to mind the year I was laid off after the events of 9/11. I believe I garnered a paltry $13,000 in earnings and for that entire year:

– I never skipped a meal,
– I only bought what I needed
– Clothes and shoes were in abundance,
– A beautiful apartment awaited me every night, plus
– I traveled to three different countries.

When leading WDIET workshops, the number one concern many participants share regarding eating better quality food is:

How can I afford to eat organic or sustainably? It’s so expensive.

A valid concern, I typically respond by saying if you have cable television, any number of electronics, more than five pairs of shoes, or you get your nails done every week, you can most certainly afford to spend more on food and treat your body better.

You ask, But how?

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Like any other life challenge, it’s important NOT to stress. Relax baby.

Additionally, I suggest making a conscious effort to always do your best (one of the four agreements) and lastly, trust in the universe.

If you know me well then you know I love giving and receiving hugs. It’s much more personable than the medieval handshake. As much as I enjoy hugging, I’ve never stressed over the lack of hugs in my life nor have I worried about the next time I’ll embrace another. It simply happens. My belief is that if you’re genuinely a good person then hugs are always in abundance. You simply must show up for others by being kind, loving, respectful, positive, giving, and open to receiving.

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Now let’s translate this philosophy to money or anything worth perceived value.

Money is available if you need it or want it. You simply need to be present and go for it. This could mean attending classes, meetings, taking risks, making calls, doing research, taking care of your health, showing gratitude, and returning favors.

For me, the universe is well aware that my health and happiness is most important. The more I work on loving myself and the planet, the more I am supported. In my experience, kindness = work = love = hugs = money.

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Thanks for reading.
Enjoy the rest of the week :)

TWO ANNOUNCEMENTS: If you’re in the New York City area:
#1 – I’ll be giving a Fresh Food Box cooking demo at Halsey Street Community Garden in Bed Stuy this Saturday, September 13, 2014 at 12 pm..

#2 – On Saturday, September 20th at Bed Stuy Fresh and Local at 11 am, I’ll be hosting another WDIET eating well workshop on the benefits of some fruits and veggies.

Please come out and spread the word. Thanks!

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Photos from a Spiritual Baptist session in Prospect Park, Brooklyn – August 2014.

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  1. Pepa

    I loved your text and the pictures, Kala. I’ve been trying to apply all this since I separated and moved to my new apartment, mostly out of pure necessity, and the results are amazing. Thanks for sharing. Love u!

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