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by KalaLea on September 22, 2014 • Posted in Kala's Favorites

Bed Stuy has many stories … some tragic yet most are positively noteworthy. Once or twice a week, I engage in lengthy walkabout sessions to strengthen my sense of belonging in my relatively new neighborhood, Bedford-Stuyvesant. Greeting the lively residents who could no doubt traverse these streets blindfolded, I am aware that I’m a newcomer in the land of the wise and plenty. Plenty of knowledge. Plenty of style. Plenty of struggle. Plenty of laughter. And just like Fort Greene ten years ago, I can feel the new entrepreneurial energy taking shape. One of my favorite new places to graze is Saraghina Bakery. On three occasions last week, I was summoned by a friend to their shop for their tasty baguettes. So delicious, they almost never make it home in tact.

WDIET Saraghina_BK-19

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The other day I stopped by to take a few photographs to share with you. It’s been three weeks since their opening day. I didn’t conduct my usual interview but I was fortunate enough to have a few words with Edoardo, owner, along with the manager, Anna, about Saraghina’s food philosophy and plans for the future. Quality is paramount and everything matters, right down to the Eco-Craft tissue paper. It’s been a long time coming but they’re here and committed.

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For those who aren’t privy to the restaurant, it’s located on the corner of Lewis and Halsey and has been opened for more than five years. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. What I admire most about Saraghina is their promise to use organic and whole ingredients while wasting very little — a feat for any food establishment. This year alone, they have dropped off 3,000 lbs (1361 kg) of compost to the local Halsey Community Garden.

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The bakery has more than fresh baked bread to offer, which is made with organic and stoned ground flours. They also sell cheese, pasta, legumes, cured meats, cooked ragu and jarred tomato sauce, olives, mini-sandwiches, desserts, and much more. Plus they have two types of quality olive oil you can purchase by the liter from Apulia (Puglia) and Sicily.

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If you’re in the area, stop by. They are a few steps around the corner from their restaurant.
NOTE: Starting October 1st, the bakery will be open from 8 am to 8 pm.

This week I plan to purchase one of their fresh made pastas, which are generally ready for pick up after two in the afternoon. Perhaps, I’ll see you there!

WDIET Saraghina_BK-11

WDIET Saraghina_BK-17

Remember to drink lots of water and eat something naturally red or green every day.
Happy Healthy Week to You!

hugs and happiness

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