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by KalaLea on January 31, 2017 • Posted in News


It’s 2017!  I’m back and armed with more skills plus a M.A. degree from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Yippee!! YAY!!

For the next four months, I’ll be focusing on developing the WDIET brand as part of an entrepreneurial fellowship program sponsored by the Tow-Knight foundation. I’d love for you to be on this journey with me and 15 other amazing fellows from all over the world. But before I go into detail about this program, I wanted to update you on where things stand and how I arrived here.

Born a Gemini with a spirit full of curiosity and wonder, I find it difficult to stick with one thing for longer than two to three hours … I mean … years. Boredom is my enemy; and on occasion, this makes me feel lost and crazy. Yet just as I begin to embrace the notion that I suffer from multiple personality syndrome, the universe reassures me that I’m on the right track.

Let me paint a picture. By the time I enrolled in college, I had dabbled with being all of the following:

– ballerina and tap dancer
– camerawoman (television)
– cheerleader
– softball (first base and short stop)
– tennis player
– actor
– novice swimmer
– flautist (school band)
– 400m track star
– wanna-be acrobat
– collage artist
– hip hop dancer and graffiti artist (wanna-be)

I’m grateful to my parents who encouraged me to try new things. Little did they know that my exploratory nature would last a lifetime.

My latest passion is listening to audio news and podcasts, I’m a die hard podcast junkie who walks around the house or rides the subway with my Sticher podcast app playing the latest episodes from some of my favorite shows: This American Life. Radiolab. Criminal. Start Up. The Moth. Freakanomics. Strangers. Love + Radio. Reply All. Latino USA. Hidden Kitchens. Planet Money. Another Round. Radio Diaries. Death, Sex & Money. 99% Invisible. Politically Re-active. How I Built This and my two new faves, Stranglers and Crimetown.


Radio podcasts demand a great deal from the listener. For starters, it calls for peace and quiet, which is not as easy as it seems especially in New York City. And secondly, in order to follow the storyline, the brain must focus while simultaneously conjuring images throughout. In audio land, the characters embody the shapes and forms created by your imagination. It’s less likely to have discriminating thoughts with audio and I like that. There have been many nights where I’ve fallen asleep wearing a tiny grin; and some mornings where I sit motionless stranded in thought, fighting back tears. Storytelling breeds compassion.


For 18 months, I studied the art of news gathering and storytelling at CUNYJ; and although I realized that traditional journalism is not for me, I graduated feeling much more equipped to tell audio and visual stories and this excites me.

In an effort to expand the Why Did I Eat That? (WDIET) brand and following, my desire is to create a WDIET audio pilot to connect to more people. This is one of my fellowship goals. Also, I will continue to work towards my other goals. Here’s a brief update:

The Why Did I Eat That? blog has been re-designed. Plus it will now be called a newsletter. (I’ll explain later) Bethany, who designed the current site, is still working out the kinks so please let me know if something looks super strange.

If you’ve spent more than two hours with me, you know that I adore eating and having discussions around food and what it means to be healthy. Currently, I’m in the conceptual phase which means I’m researching and recording ideas so if you have an interesting story to share, please reach out (see info below).

I haven’t picked up the book since grad school began but I would say that it’s two-thirds complete. A book editor worked with me for six months to enhance the stories and provide more information on how any one can effectively enhance their life by changing their relationship to food. My wish is to self-publish and launch the book by Fall 2018. I’m also toying with the idea of launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for publishing costs. Please don’t act surprised when I call to ask you for money (smile).


If you wish to share your food story or tips on how you changed your relationship with food or got your health in order, please leave a comment or contact me via email (kalalea@wdiet.net). And remember, words are powerful. If you want something, claim it, step into it by taking action, and trust in your ability to manifest. This newsletter is another way of speaking my desires into existence. Lots more to do but I’m trying :)


Thanks to my family, dear friends and supporters along the way. I love you mucho.


p.s. I am fully aware of what’s happening in America and all of the world. I will share my overall thoughts and self-care practices in the next post. Until then, stay focused, read A LOT from various sources, talk to your neighbors and love yourself!

p.s.s. Have you had enough water today???? (just checking)

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  1. J.R. Lance Anderson

    Congratulations on the masters KLa!
    That is wonderful! I will say that my adult
    life with food has changed in an indirect
    manner with romantic relationships. This
    is the first time I’ve uttered those words
    but I believe it to be true and hope to
    write about it. Good luck with your audio
    journalist endeavors! I’m sure you will do
    amazing things and I look forward to
    being a part of that.

  2. KalaLea

    Thanks J.R. for your words and constant support. Yes, you would be surprised by what I’m eating these days :) Look forward to reading about your transformations. Wishing you and your family great health and happiness!

  3. Hosanna

    So glad to see this project reborn through fresh eyes and
    expanded experience, and as relevant as ever. Can’t wait to go
    along on the journey. To the Moon!

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