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by KalaLea on February 7, 2017 • Posted in News

Greetings Folks!

First, VERY sorry about sending 2 messages today.  Also, there was problem with last week’s post link so if you had trouble accessing it, it can be found here:

How are you feeling? I mean it, stop for a second and check in with yourself. How are you feeling at this very moment? Rested, sleepy, motivated, apathetic, hopeful, happy, full, lonesome, bloated, empty, grateful, in pain, pain-free …?

Every morning I ask my body: how are you doing? what do you need? how can I help you do your job?

Then I sit (or lay) and listen.

This morning my body responded:

Be Open

On Tuesdays I can work “off-site” so I created a rigorous yet realistic work schedule to complete WDIET tasks. So far, it’s working :) Returning to academia after more than 20 years has been challenging. However, it’s a great re-entry into the world of being an entrepreneur. So much focus and disciplined is required! (I love it)

Our first week of the entrepreneurial fellowship program focused a great deal on asking questions and listening. Together we broke down the business models of successful brands that do a great job of listening to not only their customers but their environment as well. Companies such as, Apple, Virgin, Airbnb, Google and Netflix, Quartz … even Facebook which we visited this past Friday. We discussed Facebook’s strategy to combat fake news and strengthen ties between them and the media industry. Their space is warm and inviting plus there’s food and snacks EVERYWHERE. My takeaway from our FB visit can be found on my new WDIET Instagram page.

FB Office

Not sure if I’ve shared this information online but Why Did I Eat That? is part of a larger brand idea (more on this later). My wish is to create a company that encourages awareness and the practice of mindfulness in every day life with the ultimate goal being empowerment and sustainability. Basically, I want to help others improve the quality of their lives by educating, inspiring and empowering them. However, I don’t believe this can happen until one is aware of who and what they are and how their actions impact others. A great way to increase our awareness is to practice having a solid relationship with food and our environment. Not as easy as it sounds but we can do anything together.


So this week, I’m asking (begging) you to complete this BRIEF survey. I would like to better understand who you are and how I can help you when it comes to your health and relationship to food. Your responses will help in the process of identifying a solid business model and strategy for my business. These past few years have been fun and rewarding but I’m ready to make some money.

In addition to this, I’ll be conducting one-on-one interviews to observe your processes for making decisions related to eating or preparing food. If you’re down for an interview, I can use one or two more volunteers. Please comment or send an email to

This week I encourage you to check in with your body at least twice each day.

Then listen and investigate further.
(Meditation, long walks, museums visits, tree hugging recommended)

Remember our body’s number one job is to keep you healthy and alive.
What are you doing to assist in this magnificent process?

With love and gratitude always,


And please complete the survey by Feb. 14th. Here’s the link just in case:

p.s. this is not a political newsletter but I would like to share one link each week that I find helpful. I’m not interested in being a part of an authoritarian (fascist) society. This means that I must show up for our democracy every day until EVERYONE is free. I mean really free (not the fake free we’ve been led to believe).

Mother Jones_Rise Up

And remember, when consuming news it’s important that we question everything. We must dig deeper on all fronts (body, mind (intellect) and spirit).

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