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by KalaLea on March 14, 2017 • Posted in News

Vanity is a greedy monster. It will drive you to spend money you don’t have in order to look or feel good. I just received $89 worth of natural products because my eczema is back. In 2014, less than one year after returning to New York from Brazil I began to develop small rashes on the outsides of my arms, near my armpits and my shins. My brother’s partner is a dermatologist so I asked her to take a quick look. Within seconds she said, “that’s eczema, I can prescribe you a cortisone cream” then kept it moving.

Me? Eczema?! How could this be?

I was forty-three years old at the time. I wasn’t aware that eczema could surface at such a late stage in life. An estimated thirty million people have eczema and two of them are my immediate family members. It was totally plausible.

After doing some research, I decided to pass on the cortisone cream and go the natural route. From my research I concluded that I needed to eliminate certain foods (namely anti-inflammatory foods) and build up my immunity. First, I fasted for five days and second, I took a few recommendations from a holistic dermatologist, Her name was Natalie and she suggested I purchase 60 to 90 days worth of probiotics and reishi mushrooms. After one week, my rash had disappeared and there were no other symptoms, i.e itching, dry sensitive skin.


Fast forward to now, the eczema has returned and this time it’s worse than before but I’m not surprised since I’m still eating more junk food than normal. It’s a grad school thing. My time is limited these days. We’re at week #7 of the fellowship and I haven’t written in this blog for weeks because most of my free time has been spent doing research, market analysis and interviews with potential clients. The program has been great but I’m more stressed out about WDIET than ever which could also be the reason for another eczema flair up.

Given that I can’t afford to visit Natalie, the dermatologist again. I’m going back to the basics. Next week I’m cutting way back on:
1) Cheese and other dairy products
2) Wheat
3) Processed sugar items
4) Caffeine

Unlike most people, caffeine is the easiest for me to give up. Cheese and sweets are my main addictions. I’ve been  eating more anti-inflammatory foods such as, mushrooms, citrus, dates, raisins, spinachgrapefruit, tomatoes, avocado, summer black radish, alfalfa grass, barley grass, cucumber, kale, jicama, wheat grass, broccoli, oregano, garlic,ginger, green beans, endive, cabbagecelery, red beet, watermelon, figs and ripe bananas. The bolded items are the foods I’ve been eating almost daily.


For groceries, I order most of my non-perishable food items from Fresh Direct. For produce, I visit farmer’s markets and my local market. But for vitamins, herbs and supplements like reishi mushrooms, I found a company called Thrive Market. It’s a direct buy membership community that sells health food and natural products at wholesale prices. They also sponsor memberships for low-income American families, which I can totally support. There is a 30-day free trial period and free shipping for orders more than $49.00.

This is not an advertisement but I’m happy with the products and the customer service at Thrive.

Most of my life, I have been ultra-pleased and grateful for my skin. As the largest organ, it protects us from ultraviolet radiation, bacteria, and toxic agents, plus it helps prevent dehydration. In addition to eating well, moisturizing is paramount. For the past two weeks, I’ve been covering my body with black castor oil from Jamaica and coconut oil.

I’d like to hear about the ways you take care of your skin. Do you use clay? Special creams? Coconut oil pulling? Water and cucumber? Please share.

NEXT STEPS: For the next 3 months, I will focus on creating the first episode of the WDIET podcast and create a strategy to launch WDIET yet again.

With gratitude and love,


P.S. For more tips on how to build up your immunity, read this older post, building immunity.


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  1. Dwyan Anthony Alford

    Thanks for the article. Good
    information. I have heard
    that eczema can be cured
    by removing dairy products
    all together from your diet. In
    short reducing or removing
    mucus forming foods.

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