About KalaLea

KalaLea’s professional endeavors have spanned interactive production, photography, journalism, yoga instruction and reiki offerings. And as a health coach and former restaurant owner, her enduring passion for healthy living led her to explore the many fascinating relationships to the food we eat.

KalaLea is currently a fellow at the Tow-Knight Entrepreneurial Journalism program, a fifteen-week media business incubator in New York City. She is also working on a WDIET podcast plus a memoir and self-help book also titled Why Did I Eat That? which maps her 20-year focused relationship with food. It’s full of personal anecdotes, illustrations, and recipes.

KalaLea’s goal is to inspire others to practice awareness and mindfulness in every day life.

New York City has been KalaLea’s home for nearly 18 years, though she’s also traveled throughout Europe, Japan, West Africa, the Caribbean, Australia, and Brazil on a personal quest to observe how other cultures relate to one another via food.

From each journey she has returned with countless spices for cooking inspiration. Now her intention is to engage people in a dialogue around why we eat what we eat, encouraging them to ask, “Why Did I Eat That?” plus dig a little deeper.