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building immunity

by KalaLea on February 25, 2014 • Posted in Blog News Preventative Health Care

God forbid, but just think if you had to have emergency surgery tomorrow, are you strong enough to be under the knife? If you had to run for your life, how far could you go without passing out? Are you equipped for marathon love making, let alone a marathon? Can you watch over a room full of sick children and return home symptom-free?

How well is your immune system functioning this season?

So far I’ve managed
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blame it on bacon

by KalaLea on October 27, 2013 • Posted in News Practicing Awareness Preventative Health Care The Act of Eating

My appetite has been insatiable. I’ve been eating everything including the most incredible avocado BLT sandwich for lunch nearly two weeks ago. Yes people! I ate pork bacon and relished every bite.ย  But then I had a check-up Friday afternoon and my blood pressure was pretty elevated. We could blame it on the bacon but let’s not. It was as if somebody slapped me in the face. I left the doctor’s office feeling certain the results
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what to eat when flying

by KalaLea on November 29, 2011 • Posted in News Preventative Health Care

Flight attendants, please prepare for takeoff! All passengers must fasten your seat belts! On a recent flight from San Francisco, just as the captain made this announcement, the woman sitting next to me began to fart; silent ones mostly but I know it was her. At first, I was a little repulsed but then I thought back to my own gas-fest many months ago. I had eaten a huge bowl of garlic pasta with broccoli before
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What’s in Season: Spring

Snow Peas
Sugar Snap Peas
Vidalia Onions


  • Thank you for taking care of your mind and bodies. Thank you for loving your families, which is not an easy job some days. Be mindful of how much you eat and drink today. Happy #Memorial Monday. #gratitude #love #peace #notwar #noroccupation #thankyou #mofad #chow
  • Du's Donuts ๐Ÿฉ Honey Fennel Pollen - Amazing! It's a toss up between Du's and Dough...I'll keep at it. Hope you're having a Super Sunday! @dus_donuts #doughnuts #dessert #honey #fennel #pollen #williamsburg #brooklyn
  • some of the best murals are in #williamsburg #eatrightstaytight #questlove #goodfood #goodmusic #happyweekend @questlovesfood #slumvillage
  • Kabocha #squash for bfast 1) Scoop out seeds with spoon 2) Fill pot with 2 inches of water 3) Add squash to pot and boil for 20 min. 4) Let cool 5) Transfer tรด bowl and mash squash 6) Add salt, pepper and lime. 7) Eat ! Yum ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Good morning! #staywoke @dus_donuts #donutsnotforbreakfast
  • @mofad for the #Chow exhibit. Learn so much about Chinese American food culture. #chinesefood #mofad
  • The mural @tacomahalnyc is uplifting and warm like the workers. Love when the distinguish senior gentleman takes the order. #tacos #healthyeating #indian
  • Breakfast smoothie - #strawberries #blackberries #banana #greenapple (half) #orangejuice #grapefruitjuice #cacau #spirulina #breakfastfortreehuggers #wdiet #healthyeating