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Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (film)

by KalaLea on July 14, 2011 • Posted in Kala's Favorites

“In a funny way, I’m thankful I got sick,..that was, kind of, my body telling me to slow down and get well …” One of the quotes in this meaningful documentary about a man who had enough of being a big fat slob and decided to do something about it. Joe Cross travels around the U.S. while doing a 60 day juice fast, transforming his body and his life for the better. I found myself cheering
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Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes…

by KalaLea on June 10, 2011 • Posted in Kala's Favorites

Another WDIET goal is to aid in decreasing preventable diseases by 50%. If any one you know has been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes,  this 90-minute documentary, Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 days shows many examples of the healing effects of a whole and raw food diet. Diabetes is not only preventable but curable (with a physician’s guidance, of course).

It’s totally engaging and informative. My Mom rated it: EXCELLENT!! Please
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Forks Over Knives (new film)

by KalaLea on May 10, 2011 • Posted in News

Raise your hand if someone in your family has been diagnosed with hypertension, heart disease, allergies, or diabetes? Or how many members of your family are obese or overweight?

Unfortunately, it’s all too common and no longer an American issue. The so-called American diet is changing the way people eat all over the world. Last Friday, I left this film eager to host a private screening for my family and dear friends. The filmmaker, Brian Wendel
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by KalaLea on March 3, 2011 • Posted in Kala's Favorites

These days, it is rare to get something worth mentioning for FREE. However, this film, Earthlings, is an exception. It is a full feature film that is available online now. I am reluctant to share details because each of you will experience this film differently. I would much prefer to have a lengthy discussion than write a review here. Let’s just say that various scenes and statements have permeated my thoughts since the very last
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Tapped (film)

by KalaLea on February 17, 2011 • Posted in Kala's Favorites

Tapped is now on Netflix™, my favorite online movie source. It’s a documentary about the bottled water industry. Last summer, my brother and I were walking from downtown Brooklyn. It was hot and I was parched. We stopped by a bodega, I asked him if he wanted a bottled of water. His reply was “No thanks, I’m not buying water any more. I can wait until I get home.” My brother is not an environmentalist but
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What’s in Season: Spring

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