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cool juniper tea

by KalaLea on April 29, 2011 • Posted in Recipes

Recipe by KalaLea K

Serves 1 curious tisane drinker

Juniper berries are not only good for making martinis, they can fight the common cold, flu, or even outbreaks that occur with the herpes virus. Yes, I said herpes. Used in combination with other herbs such as uva ursi, juniper tea is also known for treating bladder or urinary tract infections. The berries possess anti-inflammatory properties which means that it can alleviate pain caused by gout
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Green spaghetti carbonara

by KalaLea on February 25, 2011 • Posted in Recipes

Recipe by KalaLea K

Serves 3-4 depending on how hungry the family

You will need:

enough water to fill a large pot for cooking pasta (say 6-8 cups)
1 box of Spinach pasta or any spaghetti style pasta will do
4 strips of turkey bacon (uncured, nitrate-free, if possible)
1/2 cup of veggie broth (optional – i like it for flavor)
1 egg (from free-ranging chickens raised without antibiotics)
2 jumbo TBSP of crème fraiche (a
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Lentils & shrooms in a cloud

by KalaLea on February 18, 2011 • Posted in Recipes

Recipe by KalaLea K

Serves 4-6 depending on how greedy the bunch


  • Soak and rinse your dry lentils – Lentils don’t need to soak for hours like other beans but I soak them while I’m at work or running errands – I prefer dried lentils to canned.

You will need:

approximately 3 cups of water (tap water will do unless you live in Chernobyl)
1 and 1/2 cups of lentils or
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What’s in Season: Spring

Snow Peas
Sugar Snap Peas
Vidalia Onions


  • Lunch in the city #flavor #vegan #chickpeas #couscous #greens #tahini #hotsauce #tasty - thanks @goodlightworks for intro.
  • Rain is a motivator, life creator and healer of all living beings. Cooking lunch before I get back to wheeling, dealing and writing. #happymonday #cookwithcolors #wholefoods #happyspirit #nomeatmonday #veggiesaretheway #gratitude
  • During my farm stay in Bahia, Brazil years ago, I read the 1977 book, How to Save Your Own Life by Erica Jong. The other day I came across the notes I copied from the book: 1) Renounce useless guilt 2) Don't make a cult of suffering 3) Live in the NOW (or at least the soon) 4) Always do the thing you fear the most; courage is an acquired taste like caviar 5) Trust ALL joy 6) If the evil eye fixes you in its gaze; look elsewhere 7) Get ready to be 87 years old. So splendid. Happy Free Friday!! #selflove #sunshine #books #1977 #ericajong #ridingthewave #onlyyoucansaveyourownlife
  • Breakfast 🍳 is the most important meal of the day. So much pain and unnecessary suffering in the world. We gotta be strong and diligent. Sometimes I eat light and other times, like today I need major fortification! Thx to my ❀️ for this wonderful start to the day. Happy Back to Work Day... #breakfast #breakfastofchampions #eggs #currypotatohash #sauteedkale #hotsaucegalore πŸ˜‹
  • Today's color is RED for the heart, for blood and more importantly for self-LOVE. Happy ❀️ weekend to you!! Make something wild and fun like stuffed hot tamales or beet & parsley salad. #red #heart #live #love #learn #peppers #beets #redbeans #tomatoes #apples #cherries #watermelon
  • Eat something orange today...fruit or veggie that is. #eattherainbow #orangemonday #wdiet
  • Early dinner documentation with one of my favorite foodies and yogis @the_yoyoyoga #farrosalad #salad #fresh #greens #reds #gratitude
  • Hey peeps!! Back in NYC and came across this sign for the upcoming Chile Pepper Festival in BK. I'm a true hot sauce, chili pepper, piri piri, cayenne pepper, spicy food LOVER πŸ’œπŸŒΆ Even tho an acupuncturist suggested I chill with the hot peppers during summertime. But October 1st is technically fall so ... I'm going. #bbg #chilipepperfestival2017 #hotsauce #spicyfood